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Commission rules:

1)To place a commission please sends a note through deviantart.

2)Please place one commission at a time

3)All works are for personal use only
-No commercial use

4)I retain all copyright of the image itself not the content within.
- I also retain the right to post the art up on DA
-  If you wish I can delay/refrain from posting
- I that you do not post given commission on any other DA account

5)please allow a 2-4 week time period for your commission to be complete

6)There will only be five slots at a time. Commission will re-open once the five others are complete.

Original works:
1)I mostly do anime style and a little cartooning at the moment. Still=life and any other form of art beside anime are currently closed till further notice.

2)I can draw OC (original character), simple landscape and objects.
-Please send me a detailed written description of what you want me to draw including
Name, age, coloring, height, background history, and etc
And any reference pictures when requesting works of OC

Fan-art works:

1)I can draw simple landscape/background. (same info as the original work)

2)Please proved written description and reference   

Stuff I WONT draw:

1)I do not draw
- Explicit content
- Yoai
- Hentai
- Yuri
- Graphic violence
- Any form of hate towards religion, race, political, etc.
- Weird Fetish

2)I have the right to refuse any commission/request I find unacceptable.

3)Please note me if you’re not sure if I could draw a certain picture or not.

Payment Guidelines
1)Payment options are…
-DA points (currently closed)

2) For paid commission, please pay upon seeing the draft of your commission.

3) For point commission, I request the full amount of points upon seeing the draft of the commission.

*if you don't know how to send money through paypal please use this helpful tutorial by :iconetuix: How to send money using PAYPAL by etuix

Order format:

Name: (DA user name )
Type of commission (ex: original, fanart)
Description (ex: character info, scenario, background info, etc)
Reference (ex: picture of character/place, written description of either)
Extra info/questions

Paid Commission Info
C= color
B&W= black and white
BG= background (range)
EX= extra  

Head shot (up to shoulders) – 50cents (lineart)
+ color- 50cents
+ B&W- 25cents
+ BG- 50cents(R)
=$1.50 or $1.25

Bust shot (up to waist) -$1.00 (lineart)
+color- 50cent
+B&W- 25cents
+BG- 50cents(R)
= $2.00 or $1.75

Full Body Shot - $1.50 (lineart)
+color- 50cents
+B&W- 25cents
+BG- 50cents(R)
=$2.50 or $2.25

25cents for every extra character

Background can range from 50cents to $2 or $3 (depends on the details of the background, same thing applies to characters and animals)

Chibis- 25cents (lineart)
+B&W- 25cents
+color- 50cents
+BG- 50cents
=$1.00 or $1.25

Points Commission Info(currently closed)
LunaLunett Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Are they still open? ^^
Animequeen111 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013   Digital Artist
yes i am ^^ 
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June 6, 2011


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